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How We Buy Houses Cash In 3 Simple Easy Steps

How Does The Process Of Selling A Home For Cash Work? Learn How To Sell Your House Fast for Cash.

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JLR_Homebuyers_We_Buy_Houses_Cash_Austin_Texas_How It All Works

Step 1

You Tell Us a Bit About Your Home or Property

Complete a simple form and once we have a few details we will look at the nearby neighborhoods in your area and put together a fair offer.

Step 2

We’ll Give You A Free, No Obligation, Fair Cash Offer

We base our offer off of the market rate. We do this by looking at local ‘comps’ or comparables, but don’t worry!

Our offer is Cash, As-Is, so you don’t have to fix your home or repair anything before selling to us.

And you NEVER pay any realtor or marketing fees.

Step 3

YOU Choose The Day We Close

If you like our offer and you want us to buy your house then we can close on your timeline.

We work directly with local reputable title companies to have cash in your hands in as little as a week.

We do all the paperwork, take care of all repairs, and we pay any and all fees associated with the sale.


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Our Big Promise

Our big promise is we focus on YOU the person. You are not just a number to us, you are a unique individual with a story and we believe that you deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and deserve an advocate who will work with you to help YOU creatively solve your real estate problem.

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Josh Dikoff 

Senior Partner JLR Homebuyers 

The JLR Homebuyers Guarantee:

Every client we speak with, whether they choose to sell their house to us or not, gets the same guarantee.

Selling a home or property to JLR means:

  • FAIR cash offers
  • zero Fees, no brokerage fees, no realty fees, no marketing fees.
  • Sell to us without need for repairs
  • A Fast and Simple closing
  • We are Honest, Genuine, Reliable, Creative, Caring in our dealings

What Makes An Offer Fair? 

A lot of times, when we first evaluate the situation someone is in, we take into account how they are feeling. But, it’s difficult when you are in the process of getting foreclosed on, or going through a tough divorce, or dealing with tenant issues, or facing evicting a family member, to be able to analyze all the numbers and get a big picture view of the situation.

Lets face it, losing a home is an emotional process and can be difficult to recover from.

We seek to offer folks what they need to be able to solve their real estate problems while also still being able to run a business.

What this means is that not everyone will feel that our offers are right for them, and that’s ok. If we make you an offer and you don’t think it’s fair for your situation, for the amount you owe on the home, or for the price the property is “estimated” on sites like zillow, or that’s ok. But just understand that those prices on sites like that are often manipulated easily.

Even working with a realtor or trying to sell your house yourself can be somewhat misleading because the simple fact, Realtors charge 6% total (3% for the buyer, and 3% for the seller), there are closing fees, there are holding fees (the amount of money it costs you to hold onto the property or continue paying on the property while you wait for your realtor to sell, and on and on and on.

When we make an offer, sellers should consider the amount of money saved in getting their cash now.

  • You save on closing costs – (roughly $6,100 or 2% of the average home – $305k in Austin Texas at the time of this writing)
  • You save on realtor fees – (roughly $18,300 or 6% of the average home)
  • You save on listing and marketing your home – (roughly $3,050 or 1% of the average home)
  • You save on the holding costs – (roughly $2,000 or $1000 a month for the number of months it takes to sell – 64 days on average on the market)

If your home doesn’t sell with your realtor or by yourself then you have to either drop the price or re-list it thus paying these fees again

If you are in a stressful situation where you are potentially going to lose your home to a bank, divorce, or an heirship case then DON’T WAIT! contact us today to learn how you can prevent this loss from happening.

We have helped families dealing with as many as 41 heirs and they were still able to sell their home for a fair cash offer.

If an offer doesn’t make sense for you (you might be an investor or have spent considerable time working on your property and do not need to sell quickly) then we will let you know and offer to help you in any way we can.

Building Your Fair Cash Offer

JLR Homebuyers has a simple way of constructing an offer:

Here’s How We Do It…

Step 1: Estimate Our Cost of Renovations and Repairs

First we look at all the repairs which need to be done, big ticket items like roof, foundation, HVAC, electrical, foundation and we look at general updates like paint, tile and flooring and base this on cost per square foot (the more required updates the more cost per square foot). We tally up the number and that’s our Cost of Repairs.

Step 2: Research The Local Property Values

We look at nearby homes which sold, didn’t sell, and any expired listings and check for things like square footage, size of lot, year built, materials used, amenities near by, sale type (ie. short sale, foreclosure, off or on market) and then we get a local comparison for the approximate value of the house worth. This gives us an Anchor for our offer so that we can factor in what the market would potentially bear for the home if it was in “sellable condition”.

Step 3: Crunch Some Numbers To Get Your Offer

JLR Homebuyers has two methods. Decide to Rennovate or decide to Rent.

A. Renovations – We consider the repairs needed, holding costs, estimate of time on market, and the estimated re-sale value of a home and we factor in what we can pay and what we think we can sell the property for after we repair it and market it to our network of buyers.

This is option is for homes that are damaged, need work, have been trashed by storms or tenants, or have major repairs which you could not afford to make on your own. This is typically not for new homes.

B. Rentals – We look at market rents, vacancy rates, and appreciation of a property (the potential for a property to be valued at more than it is now, in the future) to consider how much we can pay for a home and still maintain a safe cushion to be able to operate.

This option is popular among folks with newer homes needing fewer repairs, homes facing bank or tax foreclosures, inherited homes from a family members passing, or are facing other issues relating to ownership disputes.

When we buy these homes we are typically having to pay for repairs, the listing fees to get them rent ready and finding the right person to move in, along with holding costs and costs of any major repairs. Again, you don’t have to deal with any of these costs when selling your home to us, we just want to make you aware of the costs involved with selling older homes with more problems.

Something Things To Keep In Mind When Considering Our Offer:

  • We have a local construction team that will fix the home, making it beautiful again, and making it so that some day a happy family will be able to move into that home and enjoy raising a family. We pay our staff a fair livable wage so that they can support their families. So please keep this in mind when considering our offer…


  • We are not in the business of simply buying homes to tear them down in place of high rises thus destroying the neighborhood. If a home can stay where it is, with a little elbow grease, we prefer to always keep it as is and simply make the repairs necessary for the next family…


  • We do not charge you any of the traditional fees associated with real estate, closing costs, title fees, loan origination fees, buyer and seller representation, contingency or options fees, listing or marketing fees.


  • You will get a fair offer that is lower than the market rate you can sell your home for by yourself but you will be effectively eliminating the headache of having to try and market it yourself, having strangers walk in and out of your home for days if not weeks, and you will be able to rest assured that you have a genuine cash buyer that pays in CASH not just promises like some other companies.

So understand that the price we offer you will not be the same as what a realtor quotes you that it could sell forbut our offer is always fair based on the analysis we do and our 5 years of experience helping folks who need to sell their home to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, debt, divorce, probate and inheritance problems and so on and so forth.

Of course price isn’t the only factor when it comes to selecting an offer.

Anyone can throw out a high number or “high price” but very few real estate agents and investors can deliver.

It’s important that you are able to Vet your buyers and the terms of the offer to prevent wasting time.

An offer is only as good as the terms that are defined on paper, and any relevant buyer contract includes days to inspect, closing date, financing, occupancy, and escrow deposit.

Look at everything a buyer has to offer, check their references (or social reviews online), and if they are starting out their online presence as them for verbal testimonials or to speak with past clients whom have sold to them.

Hear what other folks are saying who have worked with us and have sold their home for a fair cash offer and save themselves time, stress, and headache by reading our reviews and testimonials.


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